Urban Sounds

5 Artist - 5 Journeys - 5 Live Performances

Urban Sounds

09 March 2012, Regent Hall, London

An innovative concept that follows 5 very different artists on their spiritual journey, expressed through their musical lyrics.

The Pearls of Islam are not only instrument playing artistic jewels, but are the only Muslim women’s group that bring a unique sound through a combination of live instruments and a conscious message.

Hassen Rasool is known for having one of the most melodic recitation voices of his peers, now he is evolving as an artist breaking into the mainstream. We hear his story expressed through live performances of tracks taken from his new album.

Ed Greenz is passionate about creating change through social Justice, along the way he found Islam and his lyrics is a reflection of the things that mean the most to him.

Rakin Niass is the de-facto pioneer of Islamic Hip-Hop, his new solo album is more soulful, but retains a strong positive message that still inspires. Ahssan Fayyaz has transformed himself from an Asian music writer to an Artist with a spiritual message.

All their stories are different and still unfolding, but for one night on Friday 9th of March, all their stories converge at the Regent Hall on Oxford Street!

We hope you will join us for an unforgettable evening of inspiring live performances! See you there!


Urban Sounds Urban Sounds Urban Sounds Urban Sounds Urban Sounds Urban Sounds



09 March 2012


Regent Hall
275 Oxford Street
London W1C 2DJ
United Kingdom



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